Air Express

Express 1-2 days to LOS

NGLOS Line officially opened in 2013 the market for air cargo logistics services counterparts in Africa, with the airline company with many years of experience to the Hong Kong International Airport is the main force, with a number of airlines (SV, SQ, TK, QR, ET, EY, etc.) playing board space can be flexibly deployed on time goods arrive safely Nigeria LOS destination, respectively, in LOS with a clearance offices and cargo delivery warehouse.
Profit Group has been opening the air cargo market of Africa since 2010, with the coordinating experience with airlines for many years, normally we set out from HK international airport. And we signed contracts with many airlines like SV / EK / KQ / ET / QR , we have fixed air cargo space every week, and we could arrange for you convenient and make sure they arrive LOS destination of Nigeria safely. We have custom clearance office and dispatching warehouse in LOS.

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